noun; verb: how we help

key personnel within a company who promote innovative approaches to grow the company. An Intrapreneur is an Entrepreneur working for you to grow your company like their own and that’s the approach we take.

Accounting is least valuable when it’s a once a year thing. You need Intrapreneurs on your team, not dime a dozen yearly filing fees.

The “Value Add” Service

“Value Add” comprehensively covers bookkeeping, payroll management, regular tax planning and business strategy meetings and quarterly reviews of financial statements. Whether for you as an individual or your business, we’re your team.

You have a vision of where you want to take your company, investments and wealth. By working with you throughout the year, we’re able to make sure you’re staying on target to achieve that vision.

Say goodbye to end of the year surprises once and for all and say hello to growing wealth.


Book keeping & Payroll

Free you and your staff from the monotonous so you can focus on what matters to grow your vision.

Every Other Month

Strategy & Planning

We’re entrepreneurs who work in your business to provide you with innovative problem solving and keep your goals on target.


Financial Review

Comprehensive review of your business’s financial statements, accounting and pro active approach to finances.

Who our expertise is best suited for

The Business Owner

The personable and hardworking business owner. This is the person who built their business through gold old fashioned grit, grind and elbow grease.

When this person is faced with a problem, they immediately look for a solution to solve it. They don’t take no for an answer and are determined to find a way to make things work in the pursuit of what they love.

Their thoughts are always revolving around what they love most, and beyond business, that almost always means family, friends and a hobby or two.

The Investor

The person who values time and the freedom that investing allows them to have. Whether they’re in Real Estate, Businesses, Crypto or Stocks, they’re always looking for ways to make their money work for them.

While they come off as relaxed and nonchalant they’re always thinking and buzzing about the next deal or opportunity. Proactive and analytical, the investor likes to know details and review them.

More important than being detail oriented, they also know when to move the analytics to the side, stop over thinking their actions and just move forward.

Tried and true

Real Estate

The asset class responsible for making more millionaires than any other. Structure and strategy determines profit.



Innovation brings huge opportunities but also require dynamism to handle quickly changing laws.



Running or investing in business can be the most reliable way to grow wealth… if there’s a sound financial structure in place.



Highly liquid, leverageable and well established as an asset class. Maximizing gains for being right is just as important as picking the right stocks.

Business and Investing require specific expertise in order to know how to maximize them.

Unique Expertise

There are more ways to increase your wealth than ever today and ever more complex vehicles, innovative new types of assets and financial structures that require more than the average accountant to take care of.

These areas require hands on experience, research and thorough expertise in order to maximize so that a great investment doesn’t become lost because of misunderstood legalities.

Investing in Crypto? Keeping track of trades, gains and transactions is difficult.

Being able to track your gains and losses easily enables us to maximize your tax strategy and whether you do business with us or not, we recommend accointing to make the process easy for you. Due to our knowledge of handling crypto, we have a referral partnership with accointing. Click the link below and you’ll receive a discount on any services and even get some services free.

Independent and free sales reps & contractors move the economy.

Specialty Services

Not a W-2 employee, and “their own business,” sales reps and contractors need solutions crafted for them, rather than paint-by-numbers advice and strategies meant for traditional employees.

Sales Reps & 1099

The independent minded rep or contractor whose always looking for ways to continue to make great money and pay fewer taxes.

This person loves having the big personality that comes with being someone who creates their own destiny and isn’t limited by the constraints of a W-2 income.

They work hard, play hard and love doing it most with family and friends. Work hard for the pay check, play hard for the memories and the stories from both are always worth it.

Always striving to working less and making more, to working smarter, not harder, this person needs a tax strategist and team that plays all out just like they do.



noun/verb: unique & specialized

the action of helping or doing work for someone. For High Country Finance that means there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all.’ It’s our job to know the legal code inside and out, design a tax strategy and make it unique to your situation.

Gain A Team

Value Add

The comprehensive plan, tailor fit to what your needs are, to maximize growth throughout the year.


à la carte

Individualized services that are configurable to scale with you as your needs grow.


What you can expect from a highly trained team of professionals.

services list & pricing

Comprehensive, complete, affordable and scalable.

Value Add Service

Fee includes bookkeeping and payroll management (Excluding fees) for individual and personal management company/business.

Also includes 1 hour tax planning meeting every other month (up to 6 in a year),quarterly accounting review (monthly financial statements available through QB Online and Client Account (Canopy), Touchpoints through emails, texts, and/or quick answer phone calls.

Cost is comprised of $250/monthly tax fee and $250/mo+ accounting fee. Fees vary due to additional accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll needs.


Additional services can be added. Fees will vary based on payroll needs, filing fees and software subscriptions.

Specialty Premium Services

Specialty Premium Services are billed at an hourly rate of $200/hr. Each session is designed to be highly focused around problem solving and being action oriented so you can produce results immediately.

Grow & Manage

Business Management

Learn & Lead

Business Coaching

Plan & Prep

Tax Planning

Business Services


Book keeping

All bookkeeping starts at $250/mo. Costs are going to vary based on the amount of transactions, number of accounts (banking and credit cards), complexity of accounting (accrual vs. cash, job costing, inventories, etc.) Software costs are not included. (Accounts that need reconciliation work will be billed at a rate of $100/hr.)



Payroll is managed through a partnership with Everee (unless another provider is preferred by the client). Software costs are not included. Through Everee, costs include onboarding fee ($500) and monthly costs of $15/mo. per employee + $.75 per ACH transaction fee. (Rates vary for the number of employees and contractors.) 

$300 + State Fees

Business Setup

Includes 1 hr. appointment to discuss accounting processes, record-keeping, banking and anything else necessary to create your business.

Tax Filings


Personal Tax Return

Form 1040


Business Tax Return

Forms 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, etc.


Sole Prop or Single Member LLC

Included in filing fees are two tax planning meetings. Topics of discussion include financials, investments, business setups (*cost of business setup not included), preliminary tax returns, etc. (Costs will be increased for the 2022 tax filings to $300 – Personal and $400 – Business.)